Wanagi Wolf Fund & Rescue: WANAGI




Wanagi Wolf Fund & Rescue is in constant need of money, food and other valuable resources in order to continue helping wolves and mixed-breed animals. Raising awareness leads to a more informed public, better decision-making for would-be wolf owners, and resources for the mission.




Raising awareness of the connection between wolves and our society requires the juxtaposition of the two geographically and emotionally. By showing the connection between the mission and the animals, we reveal a larger compelling relationship between the animals and people.




WANAGI used infrared photography to capture images from the Wanagi mission location. Capturing the beauty of the animals within the  challenging environment of cages reflects the dichotomy of our relationship with wolves: we love wildlife, yet remain oblivious to the suffering we cause by having such animals as pets. By focusing on a beautiful aesthetic, we are able to convey an emotional connection and avoid the divisive politics associated with wolves.