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El Rey bumpers


I had the chance to produce two bumpers for EL Rey Network, which was quite fun. The original idea was to be as cheesy and as ridiculous as possible.


Bumper 1:

Bumper 2


Continuing the theme of the first, with the hero fighting a ridiculous opponent, the second bumper, Dragon Lotus 2, expands the encounter to a minute and a half and increases the ridiculosity to heretofore unknown levels, with a Hello Kitty doll shooting lasers from its nipples at our protagonist. In a nod to "serious" filmmaking, I refrained from using the expected victorious music at the end, thereby increasing the sense of desolation and destruction. Hehe.

Gyrus feature film preview


Original preview of Gyrus, feature-length film completed June 2019. More info:

Gyrus stills/concept art


Much work has been done for Gyrus. Below is a small slide show of concept art associated with the film.

Gyrus architectural studies within the Shadotecture


The images below are conceptual pieces that explore the look and feel of otherworldly structures within the Shadotecture.

A great deal more art and info can be found at and Produced by Angelic Engineering.

Wanagi Wolf Fund & Rescue: WANAGI


WANAGI reveals the beauty in both the lives of the animals and in the efforts of their caretaker, Stephanie Kaylan, who runs Wanagi Wolf Fund & Rescue. The film, made of reference shots, raised awareness and funding for the mission to help these animals and explain to others why it's important for people to understand wolves and the problems associated with mixed-breed animals as pets.

Whitman's Candy


Yes, this person is wearing a lampshade for a hat while pining alone in the cold, dark winter. Whitman's Candy might be able to make a difference. Let's find out!

Christmas Spirit


I froze my knuckles off trying to work with a broken tripod and while dodging security in the middle of the night to get this footage to promote the Four Hills neighborhood in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I combined it with a version of Carol of the Bells that I composed and produced.



In addition to what you see here I am also working on an innovative anti-drug PSA as well as an edgy VW spot to showcase my approach. I have also produced other film and motion graphics work that I am unable to show here due to security clearance restraints.