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Aesthetic Engineering: The Process


Everything is done by the book. Every step is verified by email/paper trail and changes come with change orders.


Transaction steps


  • Contact: I or you contact the other party to initiate a discussion of possible work.
  • Establish objective and budget: You have a budget for your project. I'll tell you how what I do matches your budget and what you can expect.
  • Agreement: We agree on the work to be produced and the budget for that work.
  • Creative brief and customer sign-off: I will provide a one-page creative brief that describes the creative approach. If all is well you sign off on the brief and I continue work.
  • Research: Any research required for development happens at this point.
  • Design/production approach and customer sign-off: I complete the creative strategy. If you approve then you sign off and I continue.
  • Billing: Once the plan is set I bill for the first half of the budget.
  • Planning and scheduling: I plan the execution of the creative work.
  • Design and production: This is where research meets production.
  • Cost status and change orders: I will show you the completed work for feedback. I will also give you a cost update. You may request a change order at this point. I urge clients to budget for changes.
  • Delivery and customer sign-off: I deliver the product and you sign off on delivery.
  • Billing: Final billing is delivered.
  • Closure and archival process: The project is closed. If appropriate I may provide information that may be useful in the future. Archival of the project is completed.




You get what you pay for. Although you are indirectly paying for things such as labor and equipment, what you are actually paying for is experience and vision. You are paying for something different.


  • Design services are $80/hour.
  • The day rate for production is $1250. This enables the use of equipment and additional personnel as required.
  • Consulting, research, planning and post-production are $80/hour.