I have been fortunate to have produced a great deal of music over the years:






















Quadratura Cinetectura, Eric Chamberlain's latest project, is a vast, scintillating tapestry of  intertwining light and dark divine energy. The material has evolved from repeating structures to morphing pieces that grow over time to fluid compositions that evolve constantly. The name derives from the idea of quadratura (divine depictions creating depth on cathedral ceilings and walls) brought to life as aural cinematic architecture, as well as the desire to reach across the threshold of the sublime and bring back forbidden glimpses of the spiritual beyond. While essentially beyond any genre, the material is unified by Chamberlain's vision and contains elements of electronic, modern classical, abstract, ambient, industrial, metal, avant-garde and various heretofore unknown sonic colors.


Summoned, redesigned, directed and reprojected at Angelic Engineering and Black Cirrus Labs, Quadratura Cinetectura is a divine perpetual convolution of revelation and reflection at that you can experience at Bandcamp.



















Gyrus is a surreal, contemplative arthouse feature film that witnesses an individual on two simultaneous journeys home; one physical and one spiritual, converging to become the single, infinitesmally small moment between life and death. The music blurs or erases the boundary between diegetic and nondiegetic sound, while the diegetic sound is often that of a past life and not of the limbo in which the character is revealed to finds himself.


Index AI: Topiary En Hades, Instrumental + Extra tracks


Instrumental versions of all the tracks from the regular release. Includes unreleased tracks written during the period of the actual release.

Index AI: Topiary En Hades


The latest Index AI record, this was originally planned to be in two parts, released in quick succession. However after consideration I felt it better to wait for the second part.

Index AI: World Blade Center



Index: Ultra Hard Shadow


Instrumental record, and my favorite of the Index releases. This is another record on which I wanted to break the rules and defy conventions associated with scenes. People either love or hate this record.

Skylash: Empyreal Day Dreams


This was the first side-project of Index. It is lighter material, in nature, and melodic.

Index: Faith In Motion


This record is harder in some instances than other records. I was a completely different person when I made this. Cover art by Tom Sebring.

Index: Black Light Twilight


This was the most popular Index release. Cover art by Tom Sebring.

Index: Sky Laced Silver


The first full-length, this included Cody Cast.

Index: Never This Infliction


The first EP, including Cody Cast and Kurt Luette.

Index: Demo


The first tape, including Cody Cast and Kurt Luette.

Nom Silencieux: Nightingale Mannequin


Ambient. This record was made very differently than the others and is almost completely improvisational. I made multitrack recordings over the space of a few weeks. Originally created in the early 2000s, with some textures even dating to the 1990s, this was originally limited to seven copies that came on a black CD in a thin DVD case. Due to demand I made it available on bandcamp.

Gogi: Black Light Sybarite


Electro. This is the second Gogi record. As with the first, the idea behind it is to explore my own music taste without regard to fitting into a certain scene, and do so based on all my influences, but produced with modern techniques.

Gogi: Black Diamond Skyline


Electro. The first Gogi record. I reached back across my entire life of music influences, even going back to when I was a kid, and made a record that was based what I liked and what inspired me, as opposed to trying to blend in with certain trends and scenes. At the same time, it was an opportunity to try new, more contemporary production techniques.

Zombie Death Ray: Gigas Infantes ex Inferno


Deleted electro album. I made this record while I was back in school to complete my degree. The ideas are all there, but the record suffered due to lack of focus because of school. It was a learning experience. Worthwhile material from this has been reworked and appeared on the first two Gogi records as will also be the case with the third Gogi record.

ERIC: Ultraviolet Lipstick EP


Electro. This was an early version of Ultraviolet Lipstick and Love Is All Over the Sky, which are now folded into the Gogi records.

Telepheriq Chamberlain: Eric Chamberlain Music


Ambient electro. I like mixing unusual colors, likewise I like exploring unusual sonic spaces when the opportunity presents itself. I made this project specifically for that reason and I hope to do another record in the future.

Coconaut: Evenings In Eternity


Instrumental electro project. This was originally going to be the second Skylash album. As it developed, however, it became increasingly clear that the nature of the electro grooves was different. I felt that, while people might like it on its own, they might feel disappointed if it was called Skylash and they were expecting something else. Thus Coconaut was born.