Quadratura Cinetectura

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Composer, artist and film director Eric Chamberlain flies dangerously close to the sun in this epic, ambitious, capricious, breathtaking and mercurial effort, the gargantuan aural quadriptych Quadratura Cinetectura. An aural aurora over three hours deep, Quadratura Cinetectura is a vast, scintillating tapestry of aural cinema, intertwined beauty and terror, light and dark divine energy beyond any genre conventions. Combining elements of electronic, industrial, metal, modern classical, ambient and avant-garde into a scintillating tapestry Chamberlain calls "cinetecure," the quadruple album is a pivotal, mind-bending journey into Eric's baroque vision.


"Every record I've done I've been true to myself, but this effort is the most inspired, the most evolved and the closest to who I am as a person. It is my most honest work."


The pieces are often more like aural cinema than songs with typical structures, hence the title Quadratura Cinetectura; a sonic imagining of a living quadratura that offers a forbidden glimpse of the divine through Chamberlain's multifarious yet cohesive aesthetic.


"Writing and producing this album was like trying to ascertain the form of an invisible serpent of divine energy, always changing shape but always the same creature. Cinema is not a visual medium; it is a motion, change and juxtaposition medium. It is through such notions that Quadratura Cinetectura was revelated to me."


The massive album is supported by a surreal, otherworldly video for the stunning opening track, Breath of God:

"I have different streaks of creative energy flowing through me, some light and some dark. I embrace both."


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Breath of God video


Eric Chamberlain Bio



Chamberlain, who broke new ground with Index in the 90s, has grown significantly both as a person and as an artist.


"It's good to feel like you belong somewhere but it's also important to have your own voice, vision and aesthetic, as an artist, beyond the confines of a given genre or scene. In the grand scheme of life, when all is said and done, you'll be happier looking back if you were true to yourself than if you tried to fit in."


Aside from the astonishing music the album is noteworthy for its exceedingly long and descriptive titles, such as Caustic Light Pareidolia On Viridescent Angel Flesh.


"I love writing. The music is instrumental so I have as much fun with the titles as with the music. I want, at some points, to make a vision that is simultaneously beautiful and terrifying. Not terrifying in the horror sense but in the sense that if you saw the divine it would be overwhelming, terrifying beauty. Naturally whatever I do will come up short of achieving this but it’s my motivation. It may all seem self indulgent but I am working purely from the foundation of joy and gratitude. Gleefully frolicking, with reckless abandon, in the divine fire that humans call music is the only way the album could be made."


Standout tracks include the shorter Breath of God and Fusiform Gyrus of Infant Deity Engulfing Tauroid Void, the epics Naga Nectar Transmission Mirror and Noctilucent Angel Sighs, the modern classical Lost and Found and Waltz of the Two-Headed Scarlet Swans Courting In Golden Plasma, the avant-garde fusion Cirrus Architecture 03 and the ambient classical of Lovely Days. Almost everything on the album points to the interlacing of divine dark and light energy.