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University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Bachelor of Liberal Arts: Film and Digital Media/Interdisciplinary Studies, December 2014

Summa cum laude, GPA: 4.23, Dean’s List, nominated for Golden Key International Honour Society



Professional Experience


Writer, director, producer, Angelic Engineering, 2014-present


• Writer, director, producer, Gyrus feature film

• Writer, director, producer, short films for El Rey Network and Santa Fe Network

• Writer, director, producer, Wanagi short, raising awareness about hybrid wolves

• Writer, director, producer, Road Rash Romance animated short

• Writer, producer, remixer, multiple albums and EPs including charting records

• Author, The Eye of Gogi, self-help book for creatives

• Author, illustrator, The Adventures of Gamma Ray & Nitro Jen

• Film analyst at Film Grouch, occasional


Art Director/Filmmaker/Multimedia Designer, 2015, Northrop Grumman Corporation


• Art direction and task delegation of sensitive material for classified, multi-locale projects

• Writing, storyboarding, directing, video editing/filmmaking, motion graphics, music and sound design

• CG asset design, immersive environments/virtual reality design

• Project conceptualization, design and management: virtual reality and gaze-detection interface

• Member, Creative Services Working Group tiger team for cross-sector sharing of knowledge and creative assets/resources

   across organizational boundaries


Contract Producer/Art Director 1998-2012, 2015 Albuquerque, New Mexico


• Wrote educational articles for sound design tools

• Presently writing, directing and producing short films for community PSAs and non-profit organizations

• Wrote two treatments for Lockheed Martin Orion films

• Increased awareness of Santa Fe Network with Gyrus short/teaser

• Wrote, directed and produced Wanagi short, increased awareness for Wanagi Wolf Fund &Rescue

• Highlighted Goodwill New Mexico’s growing relationship with local communities across the state by designing a series of

   brochures, quarterly posters and newsletters

• Increased traffic for Shop a Le’a fashion show and store opening at Ala Moana Mall, Honolulu, with promotional posters

• Designed graphics, illustration, animation and web sites for clients and agencies

• Beta-tested Adobe Muse web design application

• Awarded ADDY by New Mexico Advertising Federation for composing music for Health Care for the Homeless campaign

• Composed and produced library music for the Paramount television production Navy NCIS


Graphic Designer, Illustrator, 2006-2011, Albuquerque Journal, Albuquerque, New Mexico


• Researched and produced graphics, logos and information graphics

• Photographed, illustrated and created custom material furnished to customers

• Conceptualized and designed communication collateral for safety campaign for the Albuquerque Publishing

  Company campus, editorial offices, press and distribution areas

• Coached coworkers in the use of graphic production software and methods for producing visual information products

   as well as in the transition from Freehand to Illustrator and from QuarkXPress to InDesign

• Established a new workflow to convert TV guides and pages from grayscale to CMYK, reduced work time by 97%

• Conceptualized and rendered illustrations for news and feature stories using vector art as well as CGI

• Assured quality of automated toning system, final-edition photo editor


Image Technician, Illustrator 2004-2006, Albuquerque Journal, Albuquerque, New Mexico


• Toned, prepared and repaired images using destructive and non-destructive image manipulation techniques

• Mentored coworkers in non-destructive editing techniques in Adobe Photoshop, and in CMYK versus RGB preparation

  for archival and web use

• Increased efficiency by establishing script-based workflow for batch processing, toning and resizing photographic


• Acted as liaison between section editors and photographers in the field on deadline


Editor, 1st Edition, Department of Photography, 2002-2004, Albuquerque Tribune, Albuquerque, New Mexico


• Managed the design of visual information materials by determining placement and appearance for publication

• Selected, edited and created visual products, maps and information graphics for print and multimedia

• Advocated visuals for features, sports and local and national news

• Researched, conceptualized and prepared visual language for 2003 Iraq War stories consumed by subscribers statewide

• Managed resources in the field and delegated tasks in a live news environment

• Ideated, created, programmed and implemented online interactive Flash multimedia for visuals associated with print stories

• Archived materials and prepared local materials to be disseminated to additional markets via Associated Press


Volunteer Experience


• National Multiple Sclerosis Society, design

• National Geographic/Parcak, satellite imagery archaeological analysis

• Friends Feeding Friends, food service

• Health Care for the Homeless, music

• Four Hills Neighborhood watch, late-night crime prevention

• Wanagi Wolf Rescue, video direction and production


Academic Experience


• Leadership for multiple group projects, writing, directing and producing product collateral, animation pipeline and film

• Initiated solutions for ineffective hybrid computer science courses for UNM Department of Computer Science

• Managed and produced material for multiple independent studies including creative direction, creative writing, cinema-

   tography, editing, research and level design with CryENGINE and Unreal editors, illustration, architectural rendering and

   visualization, CG asset creation and collateral design