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Eric Chamberlain is, in my opinion, producing the best music available...so much subtlety and beauty, it’s enough to throw you into a world straight out of Neuromancer-Eric is absolutely brilliant. - Lor


Chamberlain has by far one of the most original sounds to ever come out of the electronic

genre...beautiful ambiance and percussion. Eric Chamberlain is pure brilliance.- Outburn


Evenings in Eternity is a trip through the sunset with the volume set on full blast, literally dance music from Heaven that will have you squirming on your seat as you succumb to the burning grooves."  - CD Universe


Already one of the most talented writer of electro, he releases here an even more complex but mastered music. [Chamberlain’s] music is extremely rich. An incredible numbers of sound layers are used, and effects are omnipresent. - Nicolas Chevreux, Recycle Your Ears


With this release, Index has accomplished more than most electronic/industrial artists do in their career. - Jo Anne Greene, Alternative Press


Easily one of the most innovative and sophisticated musicians working in the electronic scene today...a master craftsman. - Culture Shock


I really have a passionate love for [Faith In Motion] which is probably the electronic album of the year. - Best of the Best


Index (Chamberlain) has by far one of the most original and unique sounds to come out of the electronic genre - Culture Shock


Ultra Hard Shadow is a dreamscape of otherworldly brilliance, both melodic and foreboding at the same time. This diverse and paradoxical nature is also obvious with the melding of various influences (including classical, industrial and techno) with pure electronic creativity. Chamberlain's complex style is both infectious and moving, and worth every penny. I recommend Ultra Hard Shadow emphatically. - Legends Magazine


One of the few musicians to explore the fertile but perplexing landscape of the postmodern...Music that transcends industrial music...hypertextural, the sonics a collage where every piece serves an integral purpose. - Chaotic Critiques


[Ultra Hard Shadow] is without a doubt a jewel for the electronic scene. - Nicolas Chevreux, Recycle Your Ears


A very melodic and dreamlike approach to electronic music, with a semi-classical inspiration. Lying beneath that surface however, is an ominous sense of darkness that pervades the multi-layered textures... will appeal to fans of intelligent and futuristic electronic music. - Middle Pillar